Setting a New Tone in Music Education
Learn out Loud!

Let's Play!
Our mission is to build community through music.  

Music is played together. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new student our goal is to get you playing with other musicians and having fun!

This is why each Twelve Tone has its own stage for performances, rehearsals and band practice. This allows our students to perform more than any other school.

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Our Programs

  • Intro to Music  Ages 5-7
    $20 Per Class

    A crash course in all things music! Learn exciting topics like melody, pitch and rhythm while letting kids try different instruments.

  • Small Group (3:1) Ages 6+
    $25 Per Class

    Students to learn the basics of their instrument while having fun! Our unique approach helps beginners buid confidence.

  • Private Lessons Ages 5+
    $40 Per Class

    One-on-one instruction allows teachers to focus on their student's individual needs while incorporating the basics of music theory.

  • Performance Groups Ages 8+
    $25-35 Per Class

    We offer fun low-pressure performance groups for beginners and a full band program for advanced students who love to perform.

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