COVID 19 Safety Information

Additional questions please call (847) 901-7161
2020 Holiday Calendar

Below you'll find our planned Holiday Closures for 2020. With the pandemic in full swing again we’ve decided to take a bit more of a conservative approach to our holiday closures for this year. In staying open for more days we’ll be able to provide a much needed distraction for our students, as well as continue to support our instructors and staff during this turbulent time. We will be closed for lessons on the following days for the remainder of the year:

Thursday 11/26

Friday 11/27

Saturday 11/28

Thursday 12/24

Friday 12/25

Thursday 12/31/2020

Friday 1/1/2021

We recognize that these are uniquely stressful times, especially approaching a holiday season. If you are going to be away for any period of time and unable to take part in your lesson as scheduled please call us at (847) 901-7161 so that we can find the best solution. If you’re at all able please consider continuing your regular lessons so that we can continue to support our instructors during this time.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us!


The Twelve Tone Team

(847) 901-7161

Jam Classes Coming Back Soon!

While we unfotunately aren't able to reopen for our in person lessons just yet, but like we've always said music is meant to be played together! We're excited to be offering our Jam Classes on a few days per week beginning in early August!

We are eliminating the waiting area in the front lobby and are asking parents not to enter the building except in the case of emergency. Instead please give us a call for all matters.

Masks will be mandatory for anyone in the building.

Students should come prepared with their instrument, music, and any gear they may need such as a tuner as we will no longer allow instruments to be shared.

Plan on arriving 5 minutes early to your lesson to line up in a clearly marked socially distant line for a temperature check. No more Anyone with a temperature above 100° F will not be permitted to take their lesson. This will apply to both teachers and students.

If you or someone in your household are feeling ill please take advantage of our flexible makeup policy! The lessons could be rescheduled or held online in the event of illness.

Wash your hands or use alcohol based hand sanitizer before your lesson. We will have hand sanitizer dispensers in the hallways.

We will have our own private restroom that will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular schedule, however we are asking all students to use the restroom before coming in order to limit traffic in our hallways.

All Jam Classes are going to be held in the front room in order to maintain as much physical distance as possible between musicians as is possible. The total number of students will be limited to 6 per jam.

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